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Dearly Beloved in Christ!

Many thanks for the prayers and we did have a wonderful beginning of this Pastors meeting in Mwanza. Though on one side its been challenging to believe God to transform an entire Nation through these 70 pastors to begin with....but on the other side I am reminded of our Lord Jesus while on earth picked up pretty ordinary people, trained them and sent them out to take the nations. So reminded of the scripture, we are ready for the coming day as the Lord has already gone into it.

Please raise prayers. God bless you.

Pastors meeting in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa:

Dear beloved of God and co-worker in Christ, as per God's plan we have trained Pastors in the month of Sep 2011 during the school of ministry at Tanzania, Africa. Now 70 churches have already been planted in Tanzania. The pastors are meeting at Mwanza from the 15th to 23rd Jan 2012 to be further trained for the work of the ministry. Please do pray for pastors and the team as they go and teach and train these pastors and also that God will do His work in this country. Let His Kingdom come let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Pastors meeting in Mwanza
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