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Since 2000 years gospel of the Lord Jesus is being preached to all human kind and yet many parts of the world remains unevangelized even as the coming of the Lord Jesus is very much at hand. The mission that the Lord Jesus gave us in Matthew 28 was to evangelize the whole world and bring everyone to the knowledge of the love of God. Jesus placed that responsibility on the disciples to spread the good news of the Salvation of the Lord Jesus to the entire world and pass this mission on to generations to come. As the Bible declares in Romans that all who have believed in Christ are the ambassadors of Christ and have been called to preach the good news irrespective of who we are and what we do. El-Shaddai ministries is endeavoring to fulfill the command of the Lord with a burden to bring the lost to the Savior, by sending forth laborers to work in areas where there is no gospel work, and plant churches where there are no churches. El-Shaddai ministries is pioneering in church planting for more than a decade now. As the apostles agreed to remember the poor in Gal 2:10 and as Jesus mentioned in Matt 11:5 Gospel is being preached to the poor , our desire is also to reach the poor with the good news. By the grace of God and with the help of our partners, El-Shaddai ministries is able to plant churches in remote parts of India

For example, in Karnataka, India, there are more than 27,500 villages and each village needs a church to be planted. And hence more laborers need to be sent out.

See more pictures of Village missions in the gallery below. Each year many churches are being planted in remote areas and more missionaries are being added to further the work of the gospel. If you wish to support this mission, please click "partnership" in the main menu and be a partner of the vision what God has given to El-Shaddai ministries. If you choose to visit the mission station in India where the work of the gospel is going on, please contact the administrator at

Sending forth missionaries in the remote parts of Karnataka

Elshaddai Villege Mission Video, Karnataka:

Babbi Reddy Camp Village Mission Church, Karnataka

Baava Halli Village Mission Church, Karnataka

Boilothikari mission Church, Karnataka

Bundri Mission church, Karnataka

Choornoor mission church, Karnataka

DC nagar, Bellary Mission church, Karnataka

Kampli village mission church, Karnataka

Karttigi villga mission church, Karnataka

Kuriyaguppa Villahe mission chruch, Karnataka

Kurugodu village missions church, Karnataka

Manavi village mission church, Raichur, Karnataka

Manna ek Halli village mission church Bidar, Karnataka

Mission challenge annual meeting

P. K Halli mission church, Karnataka

Pavgada mission church, Tumkur Taluq, Karnataka

Rajapura village missions church, Karnataka

Ramnagar village mission church, Karnataka

Sirguppa, Bellary mission church, Karnataka

Taranagar village mission church, Karnataka

Toranagallu, Bellary mission Church, Karnataka

Vaddu village mission church, Karnataka

Yerrengali Village missikon Church, Karnataka

Bidar Pastors seminar & new Bicycles given to missionaries:
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