International School of Ministry:

El-Shaddai Ministries is envisioned to disciple the nations and to reach the unreached. The vision is accomplished by raising, training and mentoring people into the work of ministry Eph 4: 12) and by planting churches in unreached places. One of the main facets of the ministry is to conduct school of ministry in different nations. Through these schools scores of people have been raised and trained into the ministry. The school of ministry purposes to transform the lives of the people from victims to victors, learners into laborers, consumers into producers, miracle receivers into miracle workers to make them independently dependent on God, yet interdependent in the body of Christ.

The Lord Jesus picked up ordinary men and trained them into the ministry. The ordinary people in the hands of the extraordinary God became people with extraordinary results. Training is in the heart of God. We at El-Shaddai believe we all are a product of our training. The School of ministry is based on the prophetic promise, the Lord gave to pastor Srini from Ezekiel 37:1-10. The Bible accounts here about prophet Ezekiel going to a valley of bones - VERY DRY AND VERY MANY. But the miracle is in the verse 10, where the Bible says that all these very dry bones BECAME AN EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY OF GOD. The Hebrew meaning of the word army says, they are a group of people who are STRONG, ANOINTED, VICTORIOUS MIRACLE WORKERS AND ALSO A PEOPLE WITH CHARACTER. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION FROM TOTAL FAILURES TO TOTAL VICTORY & CHARACTER.

    This is what the The Lord would do to you through the School of Ministry. Raise up an ARMY from very ordinary people. Driven by this vision we have conducted School of Ministry in India, African nations, Middle-East and many other nations. People who were trained here for a few days went out and did great things for God. Today we have trained hundreds and thousands of people into the work of God. This school of ministry has trained lay people and has taken a challenge to trained even illiterate people into the work of God. We have also trained some professionals like engineers, doctors, businessmen etc. Pastor Srini personally trained hundreds of pastors & leaders into the ministry which has birthed many a churches & ministries in different nations. Ministers who have been trained here have received major breakthroughs in their ministries.

Come, be trained by a faculty who have been in the ministry for many years and who are walking and experiencing God. Come and find the purposes of God in your life & get equipped to fulfill it.

After you attend the School of ministry, you will become:

" Victims to Victors "

" Consumer to Producer "

" Miracle receiver into miracle worker "

and learn " How to do the what to do "

You will:" Know God's purpose for your life "

and you will be " Equipped to do God's purposes in God's timing "

Syllabus of the School: (Basic syllabus)

1   The Word of God
     Practical applications
     How, why & what to read & study
     Confession of God's Word

2   The Holy Spirit
     The person of the Holy Spirit
     The gifts of the Holy Spirit
     The ministry of the Holy Spirit
     The operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
     The fruit of the Holy Spirit
     The wonderful gift of praying in tongues

3   Faith
     Definition and foundation
     The gift of faith
     Its effects and uses
     In Christ revelation - who you are in Christ

4   Spiritual Warfare
     Know your God
     Know your enemy and his wiles
     Know yourself
     Know your weapons and how to use them
     Prayer and intercession

5   Evangelism
     What is Evangelism?
     Methods of Evangelism
     Barriers to Evangelism
     How can we effectively evangelize?

6   Pillars to success in ministry
     Burden - the right cradle
     Prayer - for lasting ministry
     Vision - What & How to fulfill it
     Strategy -Practical & achievable
     Perseverance - to be a good achiever

   After the successful completion of the School, each student will be given a certificate which is shown in the    picture.


Please pray for the following:
1. Hearts & minds of the people to be prepared
2. Rich anointing of the Holy Spirit on the teachers
3. Health of the teachers & students
4. Financial needs to be met by His grace
5. Mighty breakthrough in the lives of the students



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