Welcome to El-Shaddai Ministries

Pastor G.S. Srinivasan is the Founder President of the multi-faceted El-Shaddai Ministries.
Born in a Hindu Iyer family in India, as a teenager led a self-destructive lifestyle and finally being sick of it wanted to end his life because nothing he tried changed his life. But Christ met him at 17yrs of age and he found the One who could change everything .With a deep sense of gratitude for what God did in his life and understanding that people are what matter most to God his heart now longs to reach, raise and release them into their God assigned destiny.

This mandate from God fuels everything that he does. His gifting of teaching, raising leaders and mentoring ministries makes him a sought-after leader.God’s call has led him to establish a ministry base in Dubai having founded the Church for All Nations in Dubai, where he now resides with his wife Sneha, daughter Charisa and son Aashrit.
He is ably supported by a team of young leaders in India and other nations.ore